Olo Partners With Radar to Power Next Generation QSR Experiences

March 04, 2022

Geofencing technology integrated with digital ordering to help minimize pick-up and delivery wait times, maximize kitchen efficiencies

Olo (NYSE: OLO), a leading on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation, today announced an integration with Radar, a leading geofencing platform. The enhanced integration and strategic partnership will enable trip tracking functionality to improve the digital order fulfillment process and off-premise experience for Olo and Radar’s marquee restaurant brands and their consumers.

“With digital ordering as prominent as ever, we are constantly looking for opportunities to further improve the off-premise experience – to make it faster, more efficient, and more convenient,” said Noah Glass, Founder & CEO at Olo. “Our work with Radar will allow brands to leverage technology for a more seamless digital order fulfillment process across all areas of the restaurant including the kitchen, front-of-house, and for consumers. Consumer demand for order ahead and curbside pickup is here to stay, and brands that maximize output while optimizing the consumer experience will gain a significant competitive edge.”

Through its sophisticated geofencing technology, Radar automatically sends orders placed through a restaurant’s custom app, powered by Olo, to a brand’s kitchen when consumers are close to arrival so that the food is ready at the exact time it’s needed. Such accurate and efficient trip tracking capabilities minimize wait times, maximize operations of the kitchen and staff, and ensure consumers get their food as fresh as possible.

“Equipped with precise knowledge pinpointing when a customer will arrive to pick up their order, Radar reduces wait times and ensures customers get the fresh, high-quality food they know and love from their dine-in experience,” said Nick Patrick, CEO of Radar. “Partnering with Olo allows us to extend our reach to improve the off-premise experience for more guests at some of the largest QSR brands in the space. We are thrilled to enhance efficiencies for restaurants and provide consumers with an overall better experience.”

“When CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants, embarked on our digital transformation through the launch of our first ever mobile app and responsive web ordering systems, creating a frictionless and enhanced digital customer experience was a top priority. We elected to partner with both Olo and Radar, to double down on the customer experience pillar by leveraging their integrated, best-in-class technology,” said Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer at CKE Restaurants. “Radar and Olo’s integration perfectly aligns with our mission to put the customer experience first and will ensure we don’t miss a beat as consumer behaviors continue to evolve at record pace.”

About Olo

Olo (NYSE: OLO) is a leading on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation. Millions of orders per day run on Olo’s enterprise SaaS engine, enabling brands to maximize the convergence of digital and brick-and-mortar operations. The Olo platform provides the infrastructure to capture demand and manage consumer orders from every channel. With integrations to over 200 technology partners, Olo customers can build digital experiences with the largest and most flexible restaurant commerce ecosystem on the market. Over 500 restaurant brands use Olo to grow digital sales, maximize profitability, and preserve direct consumer relationships. Learn more at olo.com.

About Radar

Radar is the leading geofencing platform powering next-generation location-based digital experiences for enterprises and high-growth startups. With powerful SDKs, APIs, dashboards and integrations, Radar’s developer-friendly, privacy-first full-stack platform offers the building blocks for every product and service.

At a time when customer service has never been more important, the company helps brands deliver cutting-edge, location-aware experiences that bridge the digital and physical divide in today’s world. Radar is backed by leading venture capital firms including Insight Partners, Accel, Two Sigma Ventures, Heavybit, Prime Set and Bedrock Capital. Founded in 2016, Radar is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. For more information, visit radar.com or follow us on Twitter @radarlabs.

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