Marty Hahnfeld

Marty Hahnfeld, Chief Customer Officer

Marty Hahnfeld has served as our Chief Customer Officer, leading our sales, marketing, and post-sale customer support services, since July 2013. Prior to joining us, Mr. Hahnfeld served as the Senior Vice President of Community Solutions at Recyclebank LLC, a consumer loyalty company. Throughout his career, Mr. Hahnfeld has served in leadership roles at numerous internet and telecommunications companies, including roles as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SkyPilot Networks, Inc., a wireless solutions provider, Chief Executive Officer at HyperEdge Corp., a telecommunications solutions company, a member of the founding executive team and Vice President of Sales at Zhone Technologies, Inc. (merged into DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc.) and as Vice President, Sales at Ascend Communications, Inc. (acquired by Lucent Technologies Inc.).